The Importance of Responsible Waste Disposal

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Most readers likely understand that recycling is an easy, consumer-friendly way for everyone to do their part in conserving resources and preserving the planet. A recent ABS survey has offered some additional insight into current trends across Australia that many readers might not know about, though. Read on to find out about the basic results of this survey or get more info here to find out what all Australian residents can be doing to ensure that everyone is taking responsibility for saving the planet.

Recycling Awareness

The ABS survey showed that 69% of Australian adults are concerned about the proper disposal of waste. That’s more than two-thirds of the adult population. This is a good sign since increasing awareness means that more people will be taking active steps toward ensuring that their used consumer goods are disposed of appropriately.

Waste Statistics

Australians produce more than 43 million tonnes of waste each year. Roughly 330 kilograms of that waste is comprised of paper products, while 118 kilograms are comprised of plastic, and 414 kilograms are food or food products. The rest is made up of aluminum cans, glass bottles or jars, and metal products. The good news is that the vast majority of this waste can be recycled and reused to conserve energy and resources.

Recycling Paper

Recycling just one tonne of paper can go a long way toward improving conservation efforts. It will save between 15 and 17 trees and more than 26 thousand liters of water in addition to saving nearly six month’s worth of electricity.

Sometimes Curbside Bins Aren’t Enough

Although a good deal of household goods can be recycled using curbside bins, disposing of larger amounts of waste can be tricky. Homeowners who are renovating their homes must often dispose of bulky appliances and furniture or large amounts of construction debris and unused items. This requires a large-scale rubbish removal solution.

Hiring a Waste Removal Company

Waste removal companies focus on ensuring that all household waste, construction debris, old appliances, yard debris, and other forms of waste are disposed of safely and responsibly. All property or business owners need to do is call to schedule a pickup and let the professionals handle the rest.