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Top Places to Visit in Italy

If you say Italy, a lot of places are sure to go through your head. For some people, they think of the old-age Republic of Venice and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and some the Colosseum. For sure, whatever comes to mind, you want to make sure to be able to check them out yourself. And yet, you have to be mindful of the fact that the year 1870 was the only time that Italy turned out to be a unified country. Centuries of history still make the country a fascinating country to visit. In short, there are still a lot of places worth visiting in the country that is not filled with all these tourists.

This article will list down some of the underrated beautiful places waiting to be discovered in Italy besides the Republic of Venice. These range from quiet islands, ancient villages, to the countryside. Make sure that you read until the end so you can visit them yourselves.

If you are looking for an amazing view of Italian villages, make sure that you check out Fiesole that takes you from Florence for 8 km. Over the Tuscan City, you will be able to get an alluring view. It has a charm of its own outside of the busy streets of Ponte Vecchio. You will be able to appreciate the Romanesque period through its town hall. You can also see events still being held in the Roman theater. There is no doubt that the hearts of history fans will be captured with this location. You should consider taking a day trip in this particular location if you want to get a break from the city.

The Republic of Venice has been mentioned above and you will come to appreciate it more in its modern form. Going to Carnivale is one way for you to enjoy what modern changes the Republic of Venice has undergone. Just avoid going to the place during the summer period because it can be filled with different tourists. Nonetheless, there is another way to escape the busy streets of the city and still see the origins of Venice. Torcello is the place to be. It has more or less 20,000 inhabitants and it is the place where the Republic of Venice started. Currently, it boasts of being a peaceful and quiet island. Its cathedral originated from the Byzantine-Italian period in 639 AD.

You may want to consider going to Veii if you want to look into the civilization rival of Rome. It is an Etruscan city-state that showcases Bronze Age settlement origins. Sadly, in 396 BC, the Romans had wiped it out. You can go and visit Veio Regional Natural Park to look at the remains of the takeover in ruins. You can also check out Porta Ponte Sodo and the Tomb of the Ducks dating back from 5th and 7th century BC, respectively. There are portions of the ancient walls that are still standing as well.