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Staying Alert for Signs of Breast Cancer

There is always the threat of breast cancer facing women in the world. This is, on the other hand, a treatable form of cancer. If you feel you may not be safe from it, there are certain things you need to do before it gets worse.

Breasts serve an important function in your body, which is eh you need to take care of them. You need to find out when it is time to visit the clinic. You may panic at the thought of cancer, but you need to still take these steps for the right intervention. Your breasts exhibiting changes does not necessarily mean they are cancerous. You only need to confirm through a medical assessment.
You may feel an uneven, hard lump in your breasts. If the lumps are moving about, you need to go to a breast cancer clinic for more tests.

You should also note any changes in the appearance of the breasts. As much as your breasts are unique in appearance, changes in that appearance are not a normal and common occurrence. You have grown accustomed to their normal appearance, and will, therefore, know when something is off. The changes you see may not be due to cancer, but you need to be certain.

You need to be concerned when the nipple starts leaking. The only reason you may not worry about a leaking nipple is if you are nursing. The discharge needs to be checked out for you to be sure it is nothing. If it is bloody, smelly, or heavy, then you need to be even more concerned.

You need to do the same with red or sore breasts. If it turns out to be an infection, the doctors will treat you for that infection. For other people, it may be an indication of cancer. You may also note other changes to the skin on it, such as growing harder, thicker, and feeling different.

You should also go to the clinic if your nipples develop a rash, crust or other abnormal changes. Nipples have certain behaviors which you are used to by now. This is how you know when there is a problem. Those that may have shifted position on the breast, of are puckering inwards need to get tested. You need to always check on the nipple to know when things have gone wrong.

You need to also keep checking your breasts for any changes other than their normal behavior. The earlier you can tell of these changes, the earlier you can take decisive steps. Changes may indicate something else, but it is wise to be certain that it is not cancer.

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How I Became An Expert on Services