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Enlightening Ways of Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring

To start with, you should choose site finished or prefinished. It is essential to note that hardwood planks can be purchased with a raw face which gets finished by a professional after the installation with the top coat and stain already applied. It is essential to note that with prefinished wood you will know what you are getting thus allowing you to control every step. The good part of this is that you will be relying on the skills of the flooring contractor to get the service that you need. Not only that but you will also have the opportunity to customize your floor in a way that is appealing.

Besides, you should also check the type of hardwood. You find that the type of hardwood that you choose is important because it will determine the durability and the look of your floor. If you take an example of oak you will realize that it is very durable and also takes stain better. Besides, we also have walnut which has a deep color making it ideal for rooms where a darker finish is required. One thing that you will have to do to achieve the floor of your dream is to choose hardwood according to your needs having in mind that they possess different features.

Besides, you should also pick your grain pattern. You find that we have three types of grain pattern, plain sawn, rift sawn and quarter sawn. In this case, you will be in a position to choose the one that you need depending on what you want or your preference since none of them is terrible. We also have a mix grain pattern which looks nice because it features all of them.

Besides, you should also consider the plank width. It is essential to note that there is always a standard plank width that people have been using which is two to three inch. Apart from that, you should also know that we have wider planks which are right when you want a luxurious floor but remember that you will have to pay more.

Besides, you should also consider the prices of hardwood. Like we said that we have different types of hardwoods which also come at different prices. Because of that you should take your time and shop around for hardwood floor that will meet your needs at a reasonable rate.

Besides, you should also ask for recommendations. For that matter, you will have to reach out for your friends or colleagues that had installed hardwood flooring in the past.

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