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Why Join a 100% Commission Brokerage Firm?

Are you a real estate agent in search of a brokerage that can help you establish your career? Tired of brokers who demand too much in commissions and/or fees? Maybe you should look into 100% commission brokerages.

100% Assured

With a 100% commission brokerage, you get exactly that – your entire commission all to yourself, with no one to split it with. Certainly, this is accompanied by all the typical advantages of a brokerage, like having a wide network of contacts, an office, support, and the rest.


Joining a 100% commission brokerage allows you to run your business however you want to. This gives you maximum flexibility as far as meeting up with qualified leads and closing more deals is concerned, while you continue to have a social life.

Documentation Convenience

Joining a 100% commission brokerage means being able to manage your documents all in one place. This is possible through a virtual back office where all your paperwork is stored.

Full Transparency

Many agents leave their brokers for many reasons, and one of the most common is a lack of transparency regarding broker fees and charges. For example, they may be required to pay fees for E & O insurance or for simply not using in-house services. It’s natural for agents to want to know exactly what they’re paying with every transaction. Agents want the ability to charge varying rates for services, which is why the 100% commission concept sits perfectly with them.

Payment at Closing

A lot of 100% commission brokerages, thanks to their transaction coordinator, will make it a point to get you paid the moment your transaction reports are sent in and cleared.

No Pressure

To recoup their losses, typical brokerages usually force their agents to use in-house services, prompting additional charges to be paid by the agents. Experienced agents have established relationships that help them enhance their services, so they don’t need a broker that controls them. They can work on their own and perform even better.

No Quota

The whole point of 100% commission brokerages is to allow agents to work as a team while still adhering to their own desired pace and level. Regardless of your goal – 2 or 200 sales in a month – you enjoy support that is tailored to your needs, rather than something ready-made with quotas that may not be in accordance with your own plans. In a big, conventional real estate firm, agents can easily feel neglected or confused. In contrast, agents in a 100% commission brokerage always receive individual attention, depending on their specific needs.

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