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Infrared Electrical Thermography Inspection and Its Benefits

The purpose of electrical infrared scanning is to discover an electrical fault prior to the element’s complete failure. This is possible by monitoring heat accumulation in any electrical element under stress and while it is still working functional and looks normal to the naked eye or any common test equipment. The heat signature is determined through an Infrared camera. The images are then examined and recorded as basis for fixing the issue before the element breaks down, hence preventing productivity loss due to unanticipated downtime.

Out-of-the-blue breakdowns in electrical supply are not only inconvenient but expensive too. Infrared electrical thermography is a handy piece of equipment that can single out stressed electrical elements before they create issues. This provides the opportunity to perform repairs to avoid serious problems, such as a fire.

This is why insurers always recommend the use of electrical thermography inspections as a risk assessment tool. Only the biggest companies and mining houses could afford the service before, but today, even small to medium-sized business can now afford it, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of technologists.

Electrical maintenance processes involve machine vibration analysis, on top of ultrasonic, audio, and thermal infrared surveys.Thermography is the method used to point out hot spots in electrical equipment.This is generally done using thermocouple sensors or other types of thermometers suited for the purpose. This method has one limitation – it can only offer temperature readings on specific points but not full electrical set-up.

But this becomes insignificant when the installation is considered merely as a sum total of all its parts. Hence, the individual states of its parts is its combined state.

Why Infrared Thermography Surveys Are Necessary

According to key insurance carriers, about 25 percent of all power failures occur because of faulty electrical connections. Infrared technology is now among the most preferred methods for power failure prevention, with the added perk of being able to implement solutions without requiring an outage. Below are more benefits offered by infrared technology, specifically in identifying:The following are more benefits provided by infrared technology, particularly in detecting:Here are more benefits that come with infrared technology, specifically in the detection of:

> Bad contacts, loose connections and other hot spots > overheating underrated cables upon demand > load imbalance > stressed elements (circuit breakers, earth leakage units, etc.)

Choosing Qualified Experts

There are two key advantages to hiring qualified pros – you get precise problem detection and avoid repairs that are uncalled for.

If you hire the right experts, you can be sure of getting quality services not only in thermal imaging but also in terms of providing the best electrical solutions.

What I Can Teach You About Electrical

What I Can Teach You About Electrical